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We handle land dispute and real estate cases such as:

  • Deeds
  • Easements
  • Land disputes
  • Heirs Property

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Land Dispute Cases And Real Estate Law: West Law Firm

Experienced land dispute attorneys

We’ve all heard the expression that something can be “dirt cheap.” The problem with that expression is that now-a-days, dirt isn’t cheap. Land is a valuable asset to have, and is often a family’s single biggest investment. When something has that type of value, you need to protect it. Whether that means having a lawyer work on a deed, or researching an easement, or quieting title in an heirs’ property dispute, West Law Firm is equipped and ready to work for you.

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We handle a broad range of civil and criminal matters including personal injury, car wrecks, criminal defense, DUI defense, wrongful death, land disputes, business litigation, probate and estate planning, as well as alternative dispute resolution. John, Cam, and Mason together bring the experience and dedication needed to handle your legal situation. Come see us today.

Serving The Lowcountry Since 1945

The West Law Firm has been working hard and serving the Lowcountry's residents since 1945 when it was first founded by H. Norman West. Our law firm handles a variety of civil and criminal matters including Personal Injury, Car Wrecks, Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Wrongful Death, Land Disputes, business Litigation, Probate and Estate Planning and Dispute Resolution. Our team lead by John, Cam and Mason bring together the experience and dedication needed to handle your legal situation. Contact us today!

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