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Personal Injury

We Handle Personal Injury Cases Such As:
– Car, truck, motorcycle, other vehicle accidents
– Four wheeler, boat and recreational vehicle accidents
– Wrongful death and survival claims
– Construction accidents and workplace injuries
– Medical malpractice
– Slip and Fall

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    Help for the Hurting

    West Law Firm’s primary goal is to help you through tough times. Whether it’s a car wreck or a workplace injury, having a dedicated and experienced lawyer is your best bet for getting the recovery you deserve. You may wonder, “Do I have to speak to an adjuster? What about my medical bills? How do I handle law enforcement?” With all of these questions and more swirling around in your mind after an accident, it is important to find an attorney you can count on. You need someone who understands the ins and outs of the insurance industry to help you through all of the bills and paperwork – and to guide you each step of the way. Insurance companies are going to get to work as soon as your accident happens, so let us do the same for you.


    Real Results Start Here

    Our firm was founded on a strong commitment to our clients, and in the decades that have followed, we haven’t wavered once. If you have been injured, trust our experienced team to fight for you.