3 Key Differences Between Car and Trucking Accidents

There are many factors to consider when vehicle collisions are in question. The speed of the vehicles, the cause of the crash, the road conditions, etc. While car crashes and trucking accidents have several similarities, there are also some key differences worth highlighting.

Whether you’ve been injured in a collision with another car or a commercial truck, West Law Firm will help recover the damages you deserve. Our accident attorneys are eager to learn more about your case, starting with a free consultation.

We have listed three of the main differentiating factors between car accidents and truck accident here. Read on to learn more, then contact West Law Firm today!

  1. Severity – Because commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than the vehicles sharing the roadway, collisions tend to be much more dangerous. Keep in mind that loaded semi trucks and tractor trailers often weigh in around 80,000 pounds. Therefore, the extent of both vehicle damage and physical injury typically far surpasses that of a car accident.
  2. Legal representation – Trucking companies, in order to protect their reputations, often have a team of highly trained lawyers on hand. The moment an accident occurs, this legal team gets to work shifting the blame. This can make it incredibly difficult to hold the responsible party accountable. When filing a claim, expect the trucking company’s insurance company to do all it can to avoid a payout. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced trucking accident attorney in your corner, ready to gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence or reckless driving.
  3. Complexity – There are certain rules and regulations unique to the trucking industry, and while these are in place to protect other drivers, they add complexity to trucking accident cases. Plus, these cases often involve various entities, such as the trucking company, the driver, the manufacturer, etc. With more parties involved, determining liability and calculating damages is much trickier than in a typical car accident case.

From fender benders to major wrecks, collisions are a common – and unfortunate – occurrence on our roadways. Our accident attorneys are committed to getting crash victims the compensation they deserve, including the following damages: medical costs, vehicle repairs, lost wages and more.

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