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Compensation for Shoulder Injuries in Moncks Corner

If you have sustained a shoulder injury at work, you may receive workers’ compensation benefits. Qualifying for the benefits you deserve should be simple. But unfortunately, the insurance companies don’t always make it easy. The entire system can seem complex. It can be frustrating if your claim is initially denied, or if it’s not the amount that you were expecting.

At West Law Firm, we are experienced Moncks Corner shoulder injury lawyers. We represent injured workers in filing and pursuing benefits claims. If you have sustained a shoulder injury because of your job, we can help you.

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West Law Firm opened in 1945. Since that time, we have built a reputation for providing a higher standard in legal services for Lowcountry families. Generations have relied on us to meet their legal needs.

Each member of our team is a highly accomplished, experienced legal professional. Our team helps you on the road to recovery by providing exacting legal services aimed at getting real results for you.

Types of Shoulder Injuries at Work

Some of the types of shoulder injuries that you may suffer on the job are:

  • Rotator cuff injuries including partial tears, complete tears and tendinopathy
  • Joint damage including the glenohumeral (GH) joint and acromioclavicular (AC) joints
  • Dislocations and separations
  • Tendonitis and bursitis, cartilage tears, bursitis
  • Fractures, breaks, sprains and strains
  • Adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder, or stiffness in the shoulder joint
  • Chronic pain, impingement or pinching of the tendons in the shoulder

Shoulder injuries are common among people who perform repeated weight-bearing tasks at work. If you lift things as part of your employment, you are at risk to develop a shoulder injury.

Does my shoulder injury qualify for workers’ compensation?

The primary question in whether a shoulder injury qualifies for workers’ compensation is whether the injury arose from the scope and course of employment. Even if you have a pre-existing condition, if it is made worse because of your employment, you may receive benefits to the extent that your medical condition is aggravated.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Shoulder Injury

Pursuing a claim based on a shoulder injury can pose several challenges. Here are some of the issues and questions our lawyers may assist you with:

  • Ensuring you receive the medical care you need including surgery, if necessary
  • Getting the rest that you need for your shoulder without being rushed back to work too soon
  • Explaining how your work duties caused your injury; challenging any allegations that there were other causes of your injury or pre-existing conditions
  • Presenting medical evidence to explain your shoulder injury and its impact on your work duties
  • Calculating cash benefits and making sure the determination of your average wage is correct
  • Attending your hearing and serving as your representative
  • Pursing appeals if necessary
  • Helping you understand each step of the case and answering your questions

Shoulder injury claims often involve detailed medical information. The insurance company may try to challenge whether the injury is work related especially if it is a chronic injury. Fortunately, the insurance company doesn’t have the final say. You may request a hearing before a commissioner.

Our lawyers identify the issues and pursue them on your behalf. We are determined to get justice for you.

When can I hire a shoulder injury lawyer?

You can have a shoulder injury lawyer represent you from the beginning of your case. Even if you’re not sure how serious your injury is yet, we can help you report the injury and ensure your medical needs are taken care of. Working with a lawyer early may help you better understand your case and even avoid the need for an appeal.

If you have been hurt, we’re here to answer your questions. Learn more, and we can even start representing you today.

Professional Representation. Honest Advice. Real Results.

We believe in representing the whole person. It isn’t enough just to file your paperwork. We explain the entire process and get to know you. That way, we can customize a strategy for your case.

Here are some of the reasons families have relied on West Law Firm again and again to meet their legal needs:

  • We have a history of success that spans for generations. Our deep roots in Moncks Corner and the Lowcountry give us a sense of purpose and mission as we work on behalf of our community.
  • Our team is accomplished in legal advocacy and respected in our community. We use our skill and experience to advocate for you.
  • From the time we start representing you, we take care of everything. That includes filing papers, building evidence, negotiating and representing you at your hearing.
  • You can rely on our team to know what steps to take and how to present your case.
  • Honest advice is important to us. You can know the pros and cons of each possible way to approach your case. We ensure that you know the important things to consider. An honest assessment of the case allows you to pursue it in the right way for you.
  • We have successfully resolved cases through both litigation and settlements. We build the case thoroughly and fully explore all the options.

When you work with the West Law Firm Moncks Corner shoulder injury lawyers, you have a team of experienced and accomplished legal advocates on your side. From the time we start your case, our representation is full-service, covering everything you need to do. It is our goal to help you on the road to recovery through outstanding legal representation.

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