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Representing Toxic Exposure Victims in Moncks Corner and the Lowcountry

Our firm first opened its doors in 1945. The law firm quickly established itself as a place for individuals and families to turn when they need quality legal representation. We have proudly carried on this tradition for decades with a team of highly accomplished lawyers.

If you have been exposed to a toxic substance through your employment, you may receive compensation and benefits. The benefits you receive may cover your medical care, lost income and compensate you for your disability. Our lawyers are a team of professionals who represent victims in the claims process.

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Rights for Toxic Exposure Victims

If you are a toxic exposure victim, here is what you should know:

  • You may qualify to receive compensation. If your injury results from the scope of your employment, and did not involve intentional misconduct or intoxication, you may qualify for benefits.
  • To receive benefits, you must report the injury to your employer. If necessary, you must file a claim for benefits.
  • Medical care should be available at no cost to you. You must use an approved provider. If the insurance company denies your benefits, you may challenge the decision.
  • Wage replacement may be awarded at a rate of 2/3 of your income, up to a set maximum amount. You may receive partial wage replacement if you can work in some capacity.
  • Disability benefits may be available for permanent disability after you have reached maximum medical improvement.
  • You don’t have to just accept the first offer from the insurance company. You can request a commissioner hearing or even take your case to court.
  • You may have legal counsel of your choice. Our lawyers handle cases representing toxic exposure victims.

Getting the benefits you deserve isn’t easy. The insurance company may hope that you give up or that you don’t understand what you should receive. Our lawyers know your rights in the workers’ compensation system. We’re determined to protect your rights and work towards your compensation.

Ways Toxic Exposure Can Occur on the Job

Toxic exposure occurs when the body encounters a harmful substance. There are several ways that toxic exposure can occur.

  • Inhalation: A person can breathe in a toxic substance. The effects can be acute or occur later in time. Vapors, gases and particles can be inhaled. The toxic substances may be a known risk in the job, or the harm may be discovered in the future.
  • Absorption: Harmful substances can be introduced through the skin. The eyes are a place where the body can easily absorb substances. A toxic substance may damage the skin, or it may be transported to another place in the body where it causes harm.
  • Ingestion: Toxic exposure may occur by swallowing or otherwise ingesting a substance. In the body, the substance may be transported through the blood. A person may not know that a chemical is toxic when they ingest it.
  • Injection: Penetration and puncture wounds can introduce harmful substances to the body. Chemicals may be transported from the place of the injection to organs where they may cause damage and harm.

The body may absorb the dangerous chemicals, store them or excrete them. The person’s reaction may depend on their personal characteristics and the amount of the substance that is introduced. Frequency of exposure can also impact the way that a person’s body responds to toxic substances.

Common injuries from toxic exposure

Examples of common injury from toxic exposure are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Edema
  • Bronchospasm
  • Emphysema
  • Fibrosis
  • Asthma
  • Laryngitis
  • Birth defects
  • Nerve damage
  • Cancer
  • Poisoning

Toxic exposure cases often require thoroughly investigating the nature of the exposure and the person’s physical harm. We understand the need to document every aspect of the case including your medical condition and the causation to the toxic exposure at work.

Experienced Lawyers. Hard Work. Honest Results.

We are experienced Moncks Corner lawyers. We believe that results for our client are the direct result of our hard work building each case thoroughly.

Reasons people choose our team are:

  • A track record of success, built on our deep roots serving clients in the Moncks Corner area.
  • Experience in a variety of claims involving injured workers. We understand the detailed medical evidence and legal procedures that are critical to your success.
  • Flexibility and a custom legal strategy for you. There may be multiple ways to resolve a case. We may work towards a settlement or have a hearing in court. It’s our goal to build the case so that you can choose among the options. We explain each possible course of action and the things to consider as we create your legal strategy.
  • Respect and understanding. Being the victim of toxic exposure at work is difficult. You’re coming to terms with what happened. The physical pain and limitations may be excruciating. We understand. Our team provides professional representation so that you know your legal claim is in good hands while you are recovering.
  • Complete representation. When you work with us, we are your representatives in all aspects of the case until it is fully resolved.

We are a team of well respected legal professionals in the Moncks Corner community. For decades, we have been meeting the legal needs of people in the Lowcountry. We are proud of the law firm we have built and the services we provide for our community.

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