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As we see more large trucks on our nation’s roads, we also see more deadly accidents between trucks and other vehicles.

After a fatal accident involving a truck, you may not know who to turn to for assistance. If you are seeking to file a wrongful death truck accident claim on behalf of a loved one, you can turn to a trusted Moncks Corner truck accident lawyer for assistance. We can help guide you through the legal process, and help you and your family obtain the relief you deserve.

Deadly Types of Truck Accidents

Trucks pose several risks to those in passenger cars. In general, trucks take a longer time to stop compared to a car, their heaviness deals larger impacts to smaller vehicles. Trucks also have blind spots where drivers cannot see cars. These and other traits of semi-trucks may contribute to a deadly collision.

In 2021, according to the National Safety Council, large trucks made up ten percent of traffic on our nation’s roads. Trucks were responsible for at least 5,700 fatal crashes, and over a hundred thousand crashes resulting in injury. Over half of all fatal truck accidents occur on rural roads.

One-third of all fatal truck accidents occur at night. Over eighty percent of all truck accidents occur on weekdays.

The vast majority of wrongful deaths in truck accidents involve a collision with another vehicle.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2021, thirty-one percent of passengers killed in a truck accident were hit head-on, twenty-four percent involved cars that were struck in the side by trucks, and another twenty-three percent rear-ended the truck.

Below are other types of serious truck accident types.

Underride accidents

Underride accidents have come under scrutiny with a recent PBS Frontline report. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates over 400 people died in underride accidents, the figure may be higher, as different jurisdictions may differ over what considers an underride accident. This type of accident can involve the car hitting the truck in areas that may be underprotected, such as the roof or hood.

Truck rollovers

Truck rollovers are the most common truck accident not involving a collision with another vehicle, person, or object. Most wrongful deaths in these cases involve truck drivers themselves, though it is not uncommon for other drivers to be killed or hurt, should a truck roll over onto them or their vehicle.

Unsecured cargo

Unsecured cargo may also cause fatal accidents. If a truck loses part of its cargo onto a highway, the driver may in some cases be unaware that the cargo was lost. Further, in many cases, a car may not encounter the cargo on the road until after the truck has departed the area.

Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

Fatal truck accidents often have a number of causes. One major cause involves fatigue. While regulations limit drivers to eleven hours of driving time, the likelihood of a crash doubles after eight hours. Even with the eleven-hour limit on driving, some drivers may seek to exceed that limit.

Drunk or drugged driving may be another factor.

Any vehicle defect also doubles the risk of a fatal truck crash. Many safety technologies used in cars have not found their way into trucks.

As with cars, younger drivers have a greater likelihood of accidents, and with many truck drivers aging out of the field, younger drivers are taking their place.

An early study from Virginia Tech found that truck drivers were many times more likely to cause an accident when using their electronic device while driving compared to those who did so in a car. With so many more owners of phones on the road today, the risk of distracted driving among truck operators will increase.

If drivers violate regulations in these ways, it increases the risk of wrongful deaths in truck accidents.

Who Can File for Wrongful Death From a Truck Accident in SC?

In South Carolina, a deceased person’s next of kin may file a wrongful death claim following a truck accident. While ordinarily, this may include a spouse, parents, or children, it may also include other relatives. In addition, an executor may file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased person’s estate.

If an individual suffers a wrongful death from a truck accident in South Carolina, their next of kin or estate may have a claim to a variety of damages.

What Damages Are Available in a Truck Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The driver, the driver’s employer, and others may be liable for the injuries the decedent and others suffered and the medical treatment resulting from those injuries. Funeral and burial expenses would also qualify.

Further, they would be responsible for paying for the lost income that the decedent would have received, as well as for the value of the services to the family that they provided. The loss of future income would also be covered as well.

Finally, damages may be sought for pain and suffering of the decedent and their next of kin, as well for the loss of companionship.

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