Car Accident Hand Injuries

It is very difficult to live your life without the full use of your hands. You may not be able to work, and you may lack the ability to take care of all your daily needs.

Hand injuries from a car accident can have a lengthy recovery time, along with high resulting damages. When someone else was to blame for your car accident hand injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation. First, you need to be proactive and begin the legal process.

You can do that by reaching out to West Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Moncks Corner, SC to speak to a car accident attorney.

How Your Hand Is Hurt in a Car Accident

When your hand is injured in a car accident, you could suffer either a soft tissue injury or damage to your bones. There are two main causes of car accident hand injuries:

  • Trauma to your hand because of hard impact (such as from the airbag or with the dashboard
  • A sudden and wrenching motion because of the force of the car accident

Common Hand and Wrist Injuries in a Car Accident

The hand is a very delicate part of your body. It has 20 bones, along with tissue, tendons, muscles and ligaments. All of them work together to carry weight and perform many other delicate functions. When your hand is injured, it takes away your ability to perform many of the daily functions that you need to in life.

Here are some of the common hand and wrist injuries that you can suffer in a car accident:

  • Fractures: You can suffer a fracture or broken bone in your hand or wrist from the trauma of a car accident. Fractures may need surgery or significant time to heal. Oftentimes, a broken wrist or hand could require surgery to put in pins or screws.
  • Joint dislocations: The joints allow for motion in your hand. If you dislocate a joint, you may not fully be able to move your hand or wrist. Your hand or wrist may swell up when you have a dislocated joint, and it may need to be moved back into place.
  • Torn or sprained ligaments: The ligaments connect the bones in your hand. They can become stretched out or torn. If they are torn, you may need surgery for it to heal.
  • Tendon injuries: A ruptured or cut tendon will take away your ability to move your hand and will require surgery.

Your wrist is also a critical part of your body. It makes your hand’s functioning possible. Without full strength and motion in the wrist, your hands could not perform their own job. The wrist is also made of bones, tendons and ligaments.

Medical Care for Car Accident Wrist and Hand Injuries

The trauma of the car accident could cause significant swelling in your hands and wrists. You may not know at first the full extent of your injuries. Alternatively, you may not even feel pain at first. You could have delayed onset pain and discomfort in the days or weeks after your accident.

Regardless, it is essential to be vigilant and get the medical care that you need after your car accident. It is always a good idea to get checked out medically after the accident. You should certainly see a doctor if you are in any pain. Your hand or wrist injury could get worse over time if you do not get treatment.

Because the hand is so delicate, it could take a long time to heal (if it ever fully heals at all). You do not want to delay treatment or ignore symptoms because it can harm your health and potentially your case for full compensation.

Factors that Impact Hand Injury Car Accident Settlements

Here are some factors that can impact the size of your settlement:

  • The amount of insurance coverage available to pay for your injuries
  • The length of your recovery time
  • How much work you miss or whether you can do your full job in the meantime
  • How much rehabilitation you may need
  • The degree of pain that you are suffering

If you have suffered ligament or tendon damage, the insurance company may try to paint a rosier picture of your health than what your reality is. They want to find any way they can to minimize what you are going through, so they can pay you less.

The best way to maximize your financial compensation when you have suffered a hand or wrist injury is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will work for you to get the amount of money to which you are entitled.

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