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T-bone accidents are some of the most serious types of accidents. When impact occurs on the side of a vehicle, injuries can be especially serious. Fatalities may even occur.

Usually, a T-bone accident is the result of a driver violating right of way laws. The driver enters an intersection when it is not their turn. It can happen in an instant, but the devastation can change lives forever.

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The West Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers represents individuals and families. It is our goal to provide quality legal representation when you need help following an accident. Our lawyers understand the complicated issues in T-bone accident cases, and we will work for justice for you.

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Our firm first opened its doors in 1945. For generations, the law firm has served as a resource for a higher standard in legal services in the Lowcountry. It is our goal to help you on the road to recovery by getting the financial recovery that you deserve following an accident.

Highlights of our law firm include:

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  • Investigation of the case and preparation of evidence
  • Handling all aspects of insurance claims including negotiating with the insurance company
  • Taking time to answer your questions throughout the case
  • Working with you to customize a strategy to meet your needs

If you have been hurt in a T-bone accident, you don’t have to fight alone. When we represent you, you can leave everything to our experienced team.

Compensation for T-Bone Accident Victims

If you are the victim of a T-bone accident, you may deserve financial compensation.

Here’s what you should know about compensation for T-bone accident victims:

  • The right to compensation is based on negligence – a driver violating the right of way is usually sufficient grounds for a claim.
  • Most T-bone accidents are the result of right of way violations. Victims have a path to compensation in most situations.
  • Many claims are resolved through insurance. You have the right to a trial, but often, you don’t have to go to trial to get compensated.
  • The payment you receive may reflect your pain and suffering as well as medical bills and other financial losses.
  • You must take action to receive compensation. You must negotiate with the insurance company and file a legal claim if necessary.
  • Our lawyers can handle everything. We are trained professionals, experienced in helping victims receive the compensation that they deserve.

It can be hard to know where to start. The legal process isn’t always easy. Our lawyers can handle everything for you.

We invite you to meet our team and see how we can represent you. Contact us today for a consultation with no obligation. We are happy to answer your questions and talk with you about the legal process. We can start your case today.

About T-Bone Accident Legal Claims

What is a T-bone accident?

A T-bone accident occurs when two vehicles hit each other. The front of one vehicle hits the side of the other.

An accident is classified as a T-bone accident not because of how it occurs but because of the location of impact on vehicles.

Why are T-bone accidents severe?

T-bone accidents produce some of the most serious injuries in car accidents. The side of a vehicle does not provide significant protection for an occupant, so injuries can be severe even at relatively low speeds. There is a high fatality rate.

Victims are often struck with a high amount of force, and their bodies are jostled in ways that they cannot withstand. Injuries commonly include broken bones, organ damage, and soft tissue damage. Injuries can be extremely serious and long-lasting.

Do I deserve compensation for a T-bone accident?

You may deserve compensation for a T-bone accident if someone else is at fault for the accident. Fault for a T-bone accident may be based on several forms of negligence, including:

  • Not stopping for a stop sign or red light
  • Violating a traffic light or other traffic control device
  • Turning or entering an intersection without the right of way
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving aggressively
  • Not slowing down in poor weather conditions or dim lighting
  • Drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs

Compensation for a T-bone accident is based on negligence or more serious conduct. Negligence is the cause of most accidents including T-bone accidents. It is a simple failure to exercise reasonable care and caution, like entering an intersection without the right of way. Our lawyers can investigate the accident and pursue every opportunity for you to receive compensation.

How do I prove my case for a T-bone accident?

Because T-bone accidents often depend on right of way violations, the evidence is very important. We prove your case with witness testimony, videos, information from the vehicles, the location of debris, accident reconstruction experts and more. We carefully build the evidence in your case to prove your right to compensation.

What compensation can I receive for a T-bone accident?

Compensation for a T-bone accident may include medical bills, property damage, lost income, career damage, physical pain, disfigurement, mental injuries, emotional suffering and wrongful death damages for surviving family members. Our lawyers work to maximize your compensation by exploring all types of compensation.

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