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Lawyers Representing DUI Victims in Moncks Corner

DUI accidents devastate lives. They are especially frustrating because they are entirely preventable. At West Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys, we have experienced Moncks Corner DUI accident lawyers. Our goal is to ensure that each drunk driving accident victim has access to quality legal representation.

If a drunk driver has injured you, you may deserve monetary compensation. We are a trained team of legal professionals with the skills, resources, and experience that gets results. Contact us by calling 843-483-8630 or message us online to start your case.

Serving the Lowcountry Since 1945

Generations have come to rely on our firm to meet their needs. We aim to be the Moncks Corner lawyers near you when you need us after an accident.

Our law firm highlights are:

  • A legal practice rooted in tradition, proudly serving Moncks Corner and the Lowcountry
  • A team of extremely accomplished and respected lawyers dedicated to your needs
  • Complete legal representation, preparing legal documents, speaking on your behalf and negotiating for you
  • Constant updates of what is going on in the case and answers to all your questions
  • Resources to address complex factual and legal issues
  • Professional representation, designed to care for you in the aftermath of an accident
  • Representation aimed at holding offenders accountable and getting the results you deserve

The victim of a drunk driving accident should not bear the financial burden of what happened. Not only should the drunk driver pay for medical bills, lost income, vehicle damage, and other financial fallout, but they should also compensate the victim for personal anguish and suffering.

You may receive compensation for disfigurement, lifestyle disruption, and pain and suffering. DUI accident victims deserve fair compensation. Our law firm has skilled and experienced lawyers that get results.

Start your DUI case today. Call 843-483-8630 to talk to our friendly and professional team.

Experienced Representation — Honest Advice

When you’re hurt in a DUI accident, getting the compensation you deserve isn’t always easy. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay, and people aren’t always honest about what happened.

Our lawyers are prepared to represent you in a wide range of issues that may be important to your case. Some of the questions we address are:

  • Proving who was driving
  • Evaluating field sobriety testing
  • Admitting chemical test results and responding to challenges about the accuracy of chemical testing
  • Proving the effect alcohol or drugs may have had on driving
  • Building upon evidence collected by law enforcement officers
  • Showing causation between DUI and the events leading to the accident
  • Including all types of damages and looking for insurance policies and other resources to pay compensation
  • Understanding the value of the case and negotiating your compensation; representing you at trial and other court hearings

Getting justice for a DUI accident begins long before your court date. Our lawyers investigate, evaluate and prepare a strategy that is customized for you. We handle everything you need. As your DUI accident lawyers, you can leave it to us as you focus on your recovery.

DUI accident civil vs. criminal cases

A DUI accident case is a legal claim brought by the victim of a drunk driving accident. The person bringing the case demands financial compensation from the person or party responsible for the crash.

When a DUI accident occurs, the driver may or may not face criminal charges and they may often lose their license. Either way – you may pursue compensation directly from the drunk driver or another liable party. A DUI accident case is the civil process of claiming that compensation. Our lawyers can represent you.

Compensation for Drunk Driving Victims

Compensation for drunk driving victims involves proving your right to a payment and then proving what you deserve.

Parties who may be legally responsible for a drunk driving accident are:

  • The driver
  • An employer
  • Insurance company with an applicable policy
  • Bar or restaurant owner who overserves a customer
  • Social host that serves alcohol to a minor

When you think of a drunk driving accident, you immediately think of holding the driver responsible. Certainly, they should be accountable for their actions. In addition, other parties may have legal fault in a claim.

Compensation you may receive includes:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical and occupational rehabilitation
  • Lost income and wages
  • Nursing care
  • Vehicle damage
  • Other property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement and disability
  • Mental injuries and anguish
  • Emotional suffering

Don’t accept too little in compensation! You deserve a fair payment when you are the victim of a DUI accident. Our goal is to carefully prepare your case and pursue it until you have a fair result.

Helping DUI Accident Victims and Families

Our lawyers represent:

  • Drivers in another vehicle
  • Passengers in another vehicle
  • Passengers in the same vehicle as the drunk driver
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists
  • Construction and utility workers near the roadway
  • Families when a death occurs

It is our goal to represent you. We prepare your case and advocate for your interests. We are proud of our track record advocating for people like you. If you have been hurt, we invite you to see how we can help you with your case.

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If you have been hurt in an accident, don’t wait any longer to start on the path to compensation. As soon as you work with us, we take care of everything.

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