5 Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

A worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. That translates to well over four million injuries each year1 – a painful hit to both workers and their employers. Medical bills increase as production days drop, creating problems from every perspective.

While many injuries are not preventable, the majority can indeed be avoided. The Workers’ Compensation attorneys at West Law Firm, proudly serving clients in Berkeley County and across the Lowcountry, have compiled a short list of tips for preventing on-the-job accidents.

Keep these 5 helpful hints in mind the next time you clock in:

  1. Always wear protective gear. Be sure to acquire the necessary protective gear, such as hard hats, safety goggles or gloves. Make it a habit to wear it consistently.
  2. Make sure you’re properly trained. Don’t operate new machinery or tools before receiving the proper training. One simple mistake could result in a devastating on-the-job injury.
  3. Remain alert at all times. Take breaks as often as possible to ensure your mind stays on the task at hand. A lack of concentration can be just as dangerous as physical fatigue.
  4. Identify potential risks beforehand. Take a moment to recognize the risks associated with your next project before diving in. This will help prevent a risk from becoming reality.
  5. Inform your supervisor of safety concerns immediately. If you spot a potential hazard, don’t wait to tell your supervisor or employer. Letting them know immediately could prevent an injury or even save a life.

Because not every workplace injury is preventable, the Workers’ Compensation attorneys at West Law Firm are here to help. To learn more or to schedule your free initial consultation in our Moncks Corner, SC office, contact West Law Firm at 843-761-5626 or click here.


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