Best Case Scenario: 6 Things That Impact Your Criminal Defense Case

Criminal charges are serious, with a potential conviction putting your future on the line. Due to the gravity of the situation, it is incredibly important to have the right team in place. A determined, experienced criminal defense attorney will position your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

The following aspects play a major role in building a strong case:

1. Investigation & evidence
To supplement the evidence gathered by the police, your criminal defense attorney will likely launch a thorough investigation of their own. This may involve conducting witness interviews, reviewing accident reports and consulting experts.

2. Compelling case narrative
While the prosecution is focused on convincing the jury that you are guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt,” your criminal defense attorney’s job is to present your side of the story. This case narrative details your defense and casts doubt that you have indeed committed a crime.

3. Understanding of criminal law & court procedures
Not every lawyer is equipped to handle a criminal law case. It is crucial to entrust your case – and your future – to an experienced attorney with a deep knowledge of case law. This not only gives you an advantage in the courtroom but ensures your attorney can explain what to expect as your trial unfolds.

4. Negotiation skills
Keep in mind that the majority of cases do not go to trial. Your attorney, during the discovery phase, may be able to negotiate a dismissal or get your charge reduced to a less serious crime. That is where finely-honed negotiation tactics come into play!

5. Criminal history
Having a clean record increases the odds that your charges may be reduced. On the other hand, repeat offenders often receive stronger sentences/penalties.

6. Community ties
Hiring a hometown criminal defense attorney ensures their familiarity with local court rules – and more often than not, a familiarity with local judges and the district attorney too. This can work in your favor if a particular judge has a reputation for ruling a certain way on certain cases, for instance.

Here at West Law Firm, our criminal defense team has built a reputation for results. If you have been charged with a crime, trust our defense attorneys to fight for you – whether your case goes to trial or is settled outside of the courtroom.

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