Making Your Claim: Do’s & Don’ts of Personal Injury Cases

If a serious accident left you injured, your next steps will make a major impact on your future. Even a small error could dramatically influence the outcome of your claim. The personal injury attorneys at West Law Firm can offer the guidance you need to make the right moves – and maximize the compensation you receive.

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Need to Know: Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

About 1.4 million Americans reside in nursing homes, putting a significant portion of the population at risk for abuse at the hands of overworked, undertrained caregivers. As the population ages, more and more elderly individuals will require care – and unless things change, the rate of nursing home abuse will continue to rise.

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Non-Economic Damages: Pain and Suffering

After suffering a devastating injury, healing is the goal. But there is more to recovery than meets than eye. Even …

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Best Case Scenario: 6 Things That Impact Your Criminal Defense Case

Criminal charges are serious, with a potential conviction putting your future on the line. Due to the gravity of the …

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Making Sure Care Is Covered: Workers’ Comp Edition

If you have been injured on the job, getting the medical treatment you need is crucial. Many injured workers wonder if their care will be covered, fearing that getting better could cause their financial situation to get worse.

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Estate Planning: For Your Family’s Future

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and make resolutions. But it is important to think beyond the next year, and to put plans in place for your family’s future. This often involves creating a will or a comprehensive estate plan.

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3 Key Differences Between Car and Trucking Accidents

Whether you’ve been injured in a collision with another car or a commercial truck, West Law Firm will help recover the damages you deserve.

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Child Safety Seat 101

From scraped knees to bumps and bruises, most kids sustain countless boo-boos as they venture toward adulthood. For parents, there is no shortage of “what-ifs” to worry about, but the biggest risk occurs on the road.

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Toy Safety

Toy trends sweep the nation each holiday season, with a handful of must-have items topping wish lists. From spendy gadgets to silly games, these toys will find their way into countless stockings and gift boxes.

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