3 Key Differences Between Car and Trucking Accidents

Whether you’ve been injured in a collision with another car or a commercial truck, West Law Firm will help recover the damages you deserve.

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Child Safety Seat 101

From scraped knees to bumps and bruises, most kids sustain countless boo-boos as they venture toward adulthood. For parents, there is no shortage of “what-ifs” to worry about, but the biggest risk occurs on the road.

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Toy Safety

Toy trends sweep the nation each holiday season, with a handful of must-have items topping wish lists. From spendy gadgets to silly games, these toys will find their way into countless stockings and gift boxes.

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Settlements Made Simple: Pros and Cons

When offered a quick settlement, some injury victims take the money and run. While there are instances when fast cash …

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Keeping Teens on Track: 7 Tips for New Drivers

Auto accidents are the second leading cause of death for teenagers – with about seven Americans aged 13 to 19 losing their lives each day.

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How Helmet Use Can Impact Your Case

Whether you are traveling on two wheels or four, hitting the road is a risk. But with little standing between them and the road, motorcyclists are at a disadvantage.

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5 Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

Workplace injuries are more common than you may think, occurring across all industries. Contrary to popular belief, on-the-job accidents are not only prevalent among those performing manual labor or spending their days exposed to the elements.

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Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Your weekday commute is just another part of your routine, a seemingly mundane task that gets you where you need to go. Red lights and traffic slowdowns can be a pain, but for the most part, you probably give little attention to the drive you make each day.

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Picnic Perfection: 4 Ways to Keep Bacteria Off the Menu

As restrictions ease and gatherings resume, this summer will likely be a busy one. Many Berkeley County families are eager to make up for the fun they missed last summer, cramming their calendars with picnics and pool days.

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