Child Safety Seat 101

From scraped knees to bumps and bruises, most kids sustain countless boo-boos as they venture toward adulthood. For parents, there is no shortage of “what-ifs” to worry about, but the biggest risk occurs on the road.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury among children over one year old. In fact, studies show that more than 500 children a day are injured in car accidents here in the U.S.

Proper safety restraints can help save lives. Statistics show that safety seats have helped reduced the number of traffic-related infant fatalities by 71% and toddler fatalities by 54%. Make sure that your child’s safety seat is age-appropriate and properly installed – and that they are securely buckled each time they are in a vehicle.

Update to SC Car Seat Laws
South Carolina car seat laws have been adjusted in recent years, now requiring babies and toddlers under two years old to use a rear-facing car seat. Our state is one of five to require this. Click here to register your car seat so that you receive updates on recalls or safety notices.

A Seat for Every Stage
After two years – or if they have exceeded the car seat’s height and weight recommendations – children should graduate to a forward-facing car seat. Booster seats come next, once children outgrow their forward-facing car seats. This typically occurs around four years old. Children should remain in a booster seat until they reach 4’9” or eight years old. By this stage, an adult seat belt (in the back seat) is sufficient.

Car Seat Misuse
While 96% of parents believe that their child’s car seat is installed properly in their vehicle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported misuse in 61% of forward-facing car seats and 49% of rear-facing infant seats. The most common mistakes include the following:

  • Wrong car seat for child’s weight and height
  • Loose harness straps
  • Loose seat belt attachment to car seat (improper installation)

Penalties for Improper Child Restraints
Violating car seat laws will result in a $150 fine. The fine will be waived if the driver can show evidence that they have obtained an age-appropriate car seat by the time their court date arrives.

Berkeley County Car Accident Attorneys
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