Deer Vs. Drivers

Unlike their red-nosed relatives that hail from the North Pole, the deer that call the Carolinas home keep their hooves firmly on the ground. But they’re much more dangerous to drivers, especially during this time of year.

Unfortunately for road tripping families, deer’s active season coincides with holiday travel. Deer tend to move around more during the last few months of the year in search of a mate, often venturing out around dawn and dusk.

Tips For Avoiding Deer Collisions

Here’s a helpful rule of thumb to keep in mind: If you see a deer, there are likely more nearby. Slow down and drive with caution, watching for deer that may emerge. If a deer crosses your path, brake immediately – but not so abruptly that you lose control of your car. Do your best to stay in your lane to avoid oncoming traffic.

Hitting a deer will damage your vehicle but collisions very seldom result in serious driver injuries. In fact, swerving or running off the road is often more dangerous, increasing your chances of hitting a tree or another vehicle.

What to Do If You Hit a Deer

Move your vehicle to a safe spot.
Pull off the road and put on your hazard lights. Do NOT approach the deer, even to check if it is okay.

Call the police.
If the collision resulted in an injury or vehicle damage, a police report will be helpful in filing an insurance claim.

Check out your vehicle.
Give your vehicle a once-over to ensure that it’s not damaged. Check for broken headlights, fluid leaks or tire damage before getting back on the road.

Contact your insurance company.
West Law Firm can help you file a claim, handling all communication with the insurance company. Our team will ensure you recover the compensation you deserve.

After your auto accident, West Law Firm is here for you – whether you’re traveling over the river, through the woods or just across town. Our experienced car accident attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases, and we’re eager to help.

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Safe travels this holiday season!

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