Truck Black Boxes and Their Importance in a Crash

With so many commercial trucks on the road, it is not uncommon for them to collide with other vehicles. If you have been in a truck accident, you need to prove that you are not liable for whatever damages occur. One way to do this is with truck black box data that holds essential info about the status of the commercial vehicle at the time of the collision.

If you have gotten into an accident, our Moncks Corner truck accident attorneys at West Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers provides reliable, aggressive legal help. We can represent your truck accident case and make sure the necessary evidence is preserved and utilized to support your claim for compensation.

Why Black Box Evidence is Important in a Truck Accident Case

When you are in a vehicle accident, you need to demonstrate that you were not liable if you want insurance coverage or compensation. Evidence goes a long way in showing that you were not responsible for the collision and are, therefore, not the liable party for any damages.

What Does a Black Box do?

A truck black box is a broad term used to describe computerized systems for commercial motor vehicles. These black boxes are installed in trucks so that if the driver gets into an accident, there is a source of information regarding what happened. It is important to note that some black box systems record data continually, while others only start recording when a crash is detected.

Most trucking companies require black boxes to be installed in all of their trucks. This is not legally required, but it is a safety measure that reduces the chance of trucking companies and truck drivers taking responsibility for collisions.

Some people get confused by what this term means, but a truck black box usually means there is an event data recorder (EDR) installed. This electronic system monitors and records certain information and data before a collision is detected. These features kick on and start recording things like speed, brake application, cruise control status, wheel turning, and clutch application.

There are also a few other electronic systems that can fall into the broader category of a black box.

Electronic control modules

One type of truck black box is electronic control modules or ECMs. This is a system that works much like a computer that controls and monitors different aspects of the engine and vehicle performance. ECMs are usually responsible for identifying issues with the engine so that the driver knows when maintenance is required. But they also record information such as temperature, tire pressure, engine speed, oxygen ratio, and battery information.

Electronic logging devices

Electronic logging devices are a system that helps monitor the driver’s hours of service, recording information and data so that it is easily accessible. An ELDS is used to ensure the driver complies with FMCSA hours of service requirements. This can be important in the case of a collision to prove that the driver was not going over your legal hours.

How Do Black Boxes Work in a Truck Crash?

A traditional EDR system can be crucial in a truck collision case. This device starts recording valuable information right before a possible collision occurs. It collects and stores information such as:

  • The speed of the truck at the time of the crash
  • Whether or not the driver was using cruise control when the collision occurred
  • If the truck driver applied the brakes before the accident
  • Whether the truck driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision
  • The exact coordinates of the accident
  • The average speed of the truck

How Does a Crash Victim Make Sure This Evidence is Preserved?

After being in a truck accident, you want to act quickly to make sure important information is not lost. The best way to make sure this evidence is preserved for your case is to hire an attorney who will require the trucking company to preserve the information. Your attorney will make phone calls and file any necessary paperwork to make sure this is done in the case of a lawsuit.

A lawyer will be able to access the information collected from the black box, and collect any evidence that is in your favor. This can help to protect you from any involved parties if you were not at fault in the accident.

Hire an Attorney After a Truck Accident in Moncks Corner, SC

If you were involved in a truck accident, you may deserve compensation if the truck driver was the one at fault. You may have expenses related to the accident that you are unable to cover on your own. It’s our mission to help you recover financially from an avoidable, costly collision.

Our truck accident attorneys at West Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in collecting information and including it in your case to seek more favorable outcomes in a dispute. Contact us today to get a free consultation, or call us directly at 843-483-8630.

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