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West Law Firm P.A. is located in Moncks Corner, SC and represents clients throughout the Lowcountry. Our firm was first founded by H. Norman West in 1945 and has been serving generations of clients in the low country for decades. We handle a broad range of civil and criminal matters including personal injury, car wrecks, criminal defenseDUI defense, wrongful death, land disputesbusiness litigationprobate and estate planning, as well as alternative dispute resolution.John, Cam, and Mason together bring the experience and dedication needed to handle your legal situation. Get in touch with .

The West Law Firm’s Practice Areas

Personal Injury Lawyers: West Law Firm

We Handle Personal Injury Cases Such As:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, other vehicle accidents
  • Four wheeler, boat and recreational vehicle accidents
  • Wrongful death and survival claims
  • Construction accidents and workplace injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and Fall

Criminal Defense

We Handle Felony And Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Cases Such As:

  • DUI, Drunk Driving Defense, DUAC, DUI with Death
  • Traffic cases, Hit and Run
  • Burglary, Armed Robbery and Strong Arm Robbery
  • Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence
  • Murder, Attempted Murder
  • Narcotics Charges, Drug Possession
  • Weapons Possession and Gun Charges
  • White Collar Crime, Fraud, Breach of Trust, Embezzlement
  • Theft, Larceny, Receiving Stolen Goods, Stolen Property Crimes

DUI Defense

We Handle Felony And Drunk Driving (DUI) Criminal Defense Cases Such As:

  • DUI, Drunk Driving Defense, DUAC, DUI with Death
  • Traffic cases, Hit and Run

White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

The types of white collar crimes can vary, but are usually ones that involve embezzlement, tax evasion, identity theft, internet fraud, fraud, money laundering and wire fraud just to name a few. If you have been charged with any of these, or any other white collar crime, then you need to contact The West Law Firm today. Our team of criminal defense attorneys will work with you and for you.

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