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Workers’ Compensation

We Handle On-The-Job Injuries Related To:
– Overexertion
– Slips, Trips and Falls
– Lifting Heavy Objects (torn rotator cuff, hernia, bulging discs, etc)
– Transportation Accidents
– Collisions with Objects/Machinery
– Burns or Electrocution
– Workplace Violence
– Exposure to Chemicals/Hazardous Materials

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    Get the Benefits You Deserve

    An on-the-job injury can be devastating, leaving you wondering how you will get the care you need – and how you will provide for your family if you cannot return to work. Here at West Law Firm, our Workers’ Comp attorneys will help you on the road to recovery. From finding quality care to filing your claim, our team is committed to getting you the much-needed compensation you deserve.


    Working Hard For Those Who Do The Same

    Our team knows that you work hard. So when an on-the-job injury keeps you from clocking in, we will fight to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Leave your claim in our capable hands and focus on your recovery.