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Your brain is a vital organ, and any damage to it can have a substantial impact on your life. Recovery from any sort of brain injury is likely to be long and intensive, which is why seeking the help of a traumatic brain injury lawyer is beneficial if you’ve been injured.

Our traumatic brain injury attorneys at West Law Firm in Moncks Corner, SC, have the experience to help you or a loved one in these circumstances. Find out what you should know about these injuries and how a TBI lawyer can help.

Why You Should Call a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer From West Law Firm

We do all we can to take care of anything related to your legal needs and insurance filing after a traumatic brain injury. West Law Firm ensures you file your claim on time and can fight for full compensation. That starts with examining any evidence you’ve collected and investigating the incident further.

We also communicate with the insurance companies for you. Our team understands insurers’ tactics, and we know what it takes to recover the maximum level of damages after a personal injury. Contact us at any time to reach a traumatic brain injury lawyer who can help.

The Long-Range Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The effects of a traumatic brain injury usually last a lifetime. These serious injuries can lead to a coma in some cases or even permanent incapacitation.

Even if the consequences are not initially visible, the injury can be life-altering in many ways. Cognitive issues or disability could force you out of a career or keep you from engaging in hobbies and activities you enjoy. Brain injuries can even change your personality.

If you’re a victim of a TBI, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t hesitate to call a traumatic brain injury lawyer on our team to discuss your specific situation.

Common Symptoms of TBI Accident Victims

Due to its complex nature, the brain is one of the least understood parts of the body. However, careful observation can allow you or your medical team to identify signs of TBI.

TBIs don’t always present with something dramatic. Initial symptoms can include:

  • Fatigue, poor concentration, or an inability to recognize places or people
  • Agitation, restlessness, or confusion
  • Hearing loss, slurred speech, or alterations in vision
  • Headaches or nausea
  • Unusual behavior, convulsions, or loss of consciousness

If you notice any of these signs shortly after an accident, discuss them with your doctor as soon as possible. If you need help finding a trustworthy medical facility, a traumatic brain injury lawyer at our firm can advise you.

The Areas of the Brain That TBI Impacts

Each part of the brain handles distinct functions that work together to enable you to think, feel, and move:

  • Frontal lobe: Controls creativity, memory, social skills, judgment, and motor skills
  • Subfrontal white matter: Connects parts of the brain that support sensory, motor, and behavioral functions
  • Cerebellum: Controls complex functions involving balance and muscle movement
  • Temporal lobes: Encodes memories and processes language and emotions
  • Basal ganglia: Responsible for motor learning, executive functions, behavior, and emotions

A TBI can harm any of these sections and impact your life in significant ways. Managing the legal and insurance process while dealing with these health issues can be overwhelming, if not, impossible. However, your traumatic brain injury lawyer at West Law Firm will support you all the way.

The Types of Damages Our Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Can Help You Claim

We’ll fight for you to receive the full extent of compensation you deserve. The liable party should pay their portion of your medical bills, property damage, and lost wages that resulted from your injury. General damages are also available for any psychological and emotional anguish.

In rare cases, you may be able to claim punitive damages. A court awards these for extreme situations of recklessness or carelessness. Talk to a traumatic brain injury lawyer on our team to discover what’s possible in your case.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Moncks Corner, SC, and the Individuals Who Are Most At Risk

According to the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina, the most common causes of TBI are falling, motor vehicle accidents, and getting struck by another person. Often, older and younger people are the most at risk.

Senior bodies tend to be more fragile and falls and impacts are more likely to be fatal. Young bodies and minds are still developing, and a lack of coordination or judgment can also make them more susceptible to accidents and injury. Of course, anyone who does a lot of traveling or works in hazardous situations should be particularly aware of the potential for accidents that could result in a TBI.

When a TBI Lawyer Can Bring Legal Action for You

While not every accident warrants legal action or the help of a traumatic brain injury lawyer, the key is to determine whether another person’s wrongful or careless actions were responsible for the TBI. Common accidents or situations that could result in a TBI include:

  • A fall in a public place, such as a store
  • A car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident
  • Negligence by responsible adults during a child’s sports game
  • A facility, such as a daycare or nursing home, not providing sufficient preventative measures to keep people from hurting themselves
  • An employer allowing extremely unsafe conditions on the job

Even in circumstances where you signed a waiver, you could still have a case if there was an unreasonable lack of care or attention.

Contact a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer at West Law Firm Today To Schedule a Free Consultation

A TBI is one of the most serious injuries you can deal with. You’ll certainly need the support of family, friends, medical professionals, and legal counsel as you recover and, perhaps, beyond.

Let the traumatic brain injury lawyers at West Law Firm in Moncks Corner, SC, stand by your side. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injuries

Are personality changes after a TBI permanent?

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to permanent personality changes, particularly if left untreated. However, the brain can heal and rewire itself with the appropriate therapies. Seeking prompt medical treatment is crucial to minimize the consequences of any damage.

How can a traumatic brain injury lawyer help if I lose a loved one because of TBI?

If a loved one dies because of a TBI, we can help you bring a wrongful death suit against the liable party. The damages you recover can help with medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and funeral and burial costs.

Additionally, a traumatic brain injury lawyer from our team can help you claim compensation for your emotional trauma and any pain and suffering your loved one experienced before passing away.

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