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The term “personal injury” is a broad one that refers to a wide range of accidents and their painful impacts. From the highway to the job site to the grocery store, accidents can happen anywhere. But without the right legal team on your side, seeking compensation may be nearly as awful as the injury itself.

The financial blow an accident incurs is often significant – and many victims begin to lose hope as they stare down a long road to recovery. How will I pay my hospital bills? How will I support my family if I can’t return to work? they often wonder.

West Law Firm offers much-needed guidance and support in these difficult days. Our experienced team, proudly serving Moncks Corner, SC and personal injury victims across South Carolina, will advocate for the compensation you deserve. When your future seems uncertain, you can count on West Law Firm to put you first.

We handle a variety of personal injury cases, each detailed below. Learn more about our tried-and-true approach here!

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents are all too common. 2017 data from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reveals that there is one traffic collision every 3.7 minutes in our state. One person is injured every 8.7 minutes, and most tragically, one person is killed every 8.9 hours. If you find yourself injured in a car wreck, call West Law Firm immediately. Our team will provide legal advice and help pursue justice after your accident.

Four-Wheeler, Boat & Recreational Vehicle Accidents
Vehicle accidents aren’t limited to the roadways, and can occur in the woods, on the water and anywhere in between. The West Law Firm team is experienced in four-wheeler, boat and recreational vehicle cases and will fight to get you the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Wrongful Death & Survival Claims
These types of claims arise when a personal injury leads to a fatality. While similarities exist, there are major differences between the two. In a wrongful death lawsuit, lost wages, benefits and support are calculated to determine the damages awarded to beneficiaries. These damages are based on the survivors’ losses and are meant to help compensate financially for their loved one’s death.

Survival laws, on the other hand, award damages based on the losses the deceased person accumulated between their injury and death. These damages can include compensation for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. Strict state laws regulate both types of claims, so it’s imperative to find trusted legal representation like West Law Firm that handles wrongful death and survival claims.

Workplace Injuries & Construction Accidents
On-the-job injuries can happen to any employee, whether the majority of your work day is spent at a desk or on a construction site. Here in South Carolina, 45,400 non-fatal injuries occurred across all industries in 2017, per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. But if you were hurt at work, you need a Workers’ Compensation attorney who won’t treat you like a statistic. At West Law Firm, we take a customized approach to each Workers’ Compensation case – because we know your case is as unique as you are.

If you suffered a slip-and-fall injury on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. Whether a wet floor, damaged staircase or uneven ground caused the fall, you must first prove that the property owner knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition – a very tricky task for someone who hasn’t carefully studied the law. Slip-and-fall victims in Berkeley County and across the state trust West Law Firm to prove liability and help them find firm footing.

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