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The Charleston area has experienced explosive growth, with population data estimating 30 new residents a day. As more people flood the Lowcountry, the real estate market is red-hot – and this leads to more than just bidding wars. Buying, selling, moving and renovating can all lead to real estate disputes, sometimes causing friction between new neighbors before the boxes have even been unpacked.

Here at West Law Firm, our team has trusted experience handling real estate cases – including land disputes, deeds, easements and heirs property.

If a boundary issue arises, our real estate attorneys can help! To resolve your case as efficiently as possible, we will do the following:

1. Get a comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand. During your free consultation, your attorney will learn more about your case. Be prepared to provide details such as the amount of land that is being affected and how long the issue has persisted.

2. Perform a title search, survey and/or appraisal. A land survey is necessary for determining property lines and boundaries – especially for cases of land encroachment. Appraisals are used to find your property’s market value, while a title search will reveal if any easements or deeds are involved. In some cases, if you have retained the documents from your original survey and appraisal, you can save the cost of having them redone.

3. Encourage open communication with your neighbor. To avoid further legal action, we encourage our clients to attempt to reach a mutual agreement with their neighbor. Sometimes a resolution is simple, but this is not always the case. If an agreement is not reached, our team will take over communication with the neighbor.

4. Send a demand letter. Our real estate attorneys will then draft a formal letter to your neighbor. The letter may include an offer to settle, often including a mutually beneficial compromise. For instance, we might suggest dividing the property or requesting funds to settle the dispute outside of court.

5. Take the case to court. If a settlement is still not reached, our team is prepared to take the case to court. Our real estate attorneys have the trial experience necessary to handle your case, and the record of success to prove it. Sometimes mediation is mandated as a final attempt to settle – and we can help with that, too!

If you’re facing a land or real estate dispute, get in touch today. Our office is conveniently located in Moncks Corner, SC – and our firm has been proudly serving Berkeley County for over 70 years. Take the first step toward resolving your real estate case by calling 843-761-5626. Or click here to schedule your free consultation!

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