Settlements Made Simple: Pros and Cons

When offered a quick settlement, some injury victims take the money and run. While there are instances when fast cash is the only option, accepting the insurance company’s settlement is not always the best idea.

The insurance company is more concerned with profit than people – and it often attempts to pay out less than a case is worth to save money. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced Berkeley County attorney on your side.

At West Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys will help you consider the pros and cons of accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer.

Benefits of Accepting a Settlement

  • Fast access to cash
  • Ability to pay medical bills
  • Avoidance of courtroom appearance
  • Less hassle

Disadvantages of Accepting a Settlement

  • Potentially inaccurate case value
  • Less compensation than you deserve
  • Forfeiture of payment for necessary medical care (future or ongoing)
  • Forfeiture of future payment of lost wages if injury keeps you out of work

Keep in mind that the insurance company may offer a settlement before even learning all the details of your case. Their offer may be based on incomplete details, resulting in a payment much lower than you are entitled to.

Let our personal injury attorneys advocate for you – whether you decide to accept a settlement or pursue your case in court. The West Law Firm team has a reputation for fighting for the injured, so contact us today.

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