Summer Camp Safety: 7 Tips for Parents

Summer camp is a great time for making memories – one that many children eagerly look forward to as the school year comes to a close. But it’s important for parents to do their research to ensure their campers stay safe.

As parents ourselves, the personal injury attorneys at West Law Firm recommend doing the following:

1. Check the program’s safety record.

Other parents are a great resource, so start asking around. More established camps may have online reviews that you can check as well.

2. Ask about supervision.

Get in touch with the camp’s administrators to find out who will be supervising your child. Ask if camp counselors have undergone background checks, provided references, completed first aid training, etc.

3. Inquire about COVID-19 protocols.

Learn more about how the camp is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Be sure they you are comfortable with their protocol and remind your child the importance of following the rules regarding mask wearing, etc.

4. Find out about transportation.

If your child will be picked up or if the camp involves travel, ask about the driver’s record. It is also a good idea to inquire about supervision while campers are on the bus or camp vehicle.

5. Learn more about the activities involved.

If any safety equipment is needed, find out whether or not it will be provided. Then, make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has the necessary equipment with them each day. This is especially important for sports camps.

6. Communicate any special accommodations.

If your child has any allergies or requires special attention, be sure to communicate these clearly. For kiddos with food allergies, it is wise to send them with their own lunch and snacks to ensure they do not ingest anything that could potentially cause a reaction. If your child uses an EpiPen, provide one to camp counselors and ensure they know how to use it.

7. Talk to your child.

Review basic (and age-appropriate) safety tips with your child before their first day. Once camp has begun, check in with them regularly to ensure they feel safe and are having a great time!

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