What Is Mediation?

Despite the riveting courtroom scenes that are often featured in TV shows and movies, most cases never come before a judge or jury. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that often saves both parties time, money and resources. This method skips the long wait for a court date, and gets straight to addressing the issue at hand.

Mediation is facilitated by a neutral third party, offering the other two parties the opportunity to “make their case.” The mediator’s role is to listen impartially to both sides, then to help them come to a mutual agreement – and to settle the case outside of court.

While mediation is typically a voluntary process, there are certain types of cases that require it. If you believe that mediation would be helpful in resolving your case, contact West Law Firm in Berkeley County, SC today. Even if your case does not require it, we are always happy to help!

When mediation is successful, both parties leave satisfied. This, of course, is the best-case scenario. Often it takes negotiation and compromise to find common ground, and sometimes, this does not occur – no matter how skilled the mediator. When mediation does not work, the case will proceed to trial.

Despite the fact that the mediation process is simpler and less formal than standard litigation procedures, a certified mediator is necessary. Here at West Law Firm, our experienced team is equipped to offer alternative dispute resolution services. John S. West is a certified civil mediator by the South Carolina Supreme Court and has been helping Berkeley County clients reach resolutions since 2005. Having mediated hundreds of cases, Mr. West is equipped to handle yours!

Plus, our office is easy to find, conveniently located in Moncks Corner, SC! To schedule mediation services or a free consultation, get in touch today. Give us a call at 843-761-5626 or click here to get started!

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