Frequent Car Accident Injuries

The two most frequent injuries after a car wreck or accident are injuries to the neck and back

This makes sense because you are traveling in a fast moving vehicle, you are strapped inside wearing a seat belt, and if you are impacted by another car or moving vehicle like a large truck, the impact and force of the wreck is going to cause your body to suddenly move in a strange direction. Your neck and back are the body parts that are often twisted or contorted because of the different motion and forces. If you have ever injured your neck or back, you know that neck and back injuries are no laughing matter. These serious injuries can cause lack of sleep, loss of mobility, they often linger, and are just painful to deal with day after day. Fortunately, the majority of car and auto wrecks in South Carolina only result in musculoskeletal injuries, such as sprains or strains.

Understanding The Injuries From An Auto Accident

It’s important to know a little about the spine in order to really understand what pain or injuries you may be going through. If you’ve been to the doctor, they are probably using terms like “lumbar” or “cervical.” Lumbar simply means that you injured your lower back, while cervical refers to your neck. A sprain means that because of the force of the wreck, the ligaments in your neck or back were overstretched or torn. A strain is very similar, but means that there was an overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. If you believe you’ve experienced either of these injuries, you need to first make sure that you are properly diagnosed by an appropriate medical professional. With conservative treatment, a sprain or strain of your neck or back will usually resolve within four to eight weeks.

Use Caution After An Auto Accident Injury

The biggest caution though is to make sure that you are getting properly diagnosed for any injury or pain related to the auto accident. You need to make sure you have everything documented for any potential workers compensation and law firm or personal injury lawyers who review your information.

While most car accidents and wrecks result in sprains or strains, certainly some impacts can cause worse damage and or serious injuries to your neck or back. Another frequent injury from a car accident is for an injury to the disc in your spine. Some accidents result in a bulging or herniated disk. These injuries can certainly be extremely painful, and will almost certainly result in serious pain to your neck or back for a longer period of time

Auto Accident Injury: Summary

Bottom line is that if you are injured or hurt and it was someone else’s fault, the most important thing you can do is to seek proper medical treatment. If you’ve injured your neck or back, make sure that you are getting a complete and thorough exam, possibly including X-rays, an MRI, or CT scans. In order to pursue an injury claim with a South Carolina personal injury attorney, these tests need to be documented, and with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan you are in better shape to not only heal properly, but be better positioned to make a complete claim for your personal injury.

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