hands shaking in consultation

First Impressions: What to Expect During Your Consultation

Think of your initial consultation as an introduction to our law firm – like a solid handshake and a friendly smile. Our clients often leave feeling more hopeful than when they arrived, informed and ready to tackle the next steps. We strive to make each potential client feel comfortable and cared for by offering the kind of attentive service you’d expect from your hometown lawyer.

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Toy Safety

Toy trends sweep the nation each holiday season, with a handful of must-have items topping wish lists. From spendy gadgets to silly games, these toys will find their way into countless stockings and gift boxes.

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Picnic Perfection: 4 Ways to Keep Bacteria Off the Menu

As restrictions ease and gatherings resume, this summer will likely be a busy one. Many Berkeley County families are eager to make up for the fun they missed last summer, cramming their calendars with picnics and pool days.

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colorful group of children wearing backpacks at summer camp

Summer Camp Safety: 7 Tips for Parents

Summer camp is a great time for making memories – one that many children eagerly look forward to as the school year comes to a close. But it’s important for parents to do their research to ensure their campers stay safe.

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people shaking in mediation

What Is Mediation?

Despite the riveting courtroom scenes that are often featured in TV shows and movies, most cases never come before a judge or jury. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that often saves both parties time, money and resources. This method skips the long wait for a court date, and gets straight to addressing the issue at hand.

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santa looks suprised!

When Merry Turns Scary

The holiday season is a magical time of year, with festive décor and Christmas carols at every turn. But danger …

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a single male deer standing in nature

Deer Vs. Drivers

Unlike their red-nosed relatives that hail from the North Pole, the deer that call the Carolinas home keep their hooves firmly on the ground. But they’re much more dangerous to drivers, especially during this time of year.

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Thanksgiving meal on table with family around

Full Plates. Full Hearts.

Whether your Thanksgiving guest list includes a crowd or a couple, hosting the big meal is a big undertaking. Many early morning turkey preppers are up at dawn, working in the kitchen until the last casserole comes out of the oven.

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a pumpkin patch by a picket fence!

Tips For a Happy & Healthy Halloween

To prevent Halloween from becoming more trick than treat, we’ve provided some festive ways to celebrate while maintaining your social distance!

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Safe At Sea: Boating Accidents

There’s nothing like a fun day on the water, but a painful sunburn isn’t the only risk facing boaters this summer. Boating accidents are all too common here in South Carolina, claiming about 30 lives each year.

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