children in carseats

Child Safety Seat 101

From scraped knees to bumps and bruises, most kids sustain countless boo-boos as they venture toward adulthood. For parents, there is no shortage of “what-ifs” to worry about, but the biggest risk occurs on the road.

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Settlements Made Simple: Pros and Cons

When offered a quick settlement, some injury victims take the money and run. While there are instances when fast cash …

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Picnic Perfection: 4 Ways to Keep Bacteria Off the Menu

As restrictions ease and gatherings resume, this summer will likely be a busy one. Many Berkeley County families are eager to make up for the fun they missed last summer, cramming their calendars with picnics and pool days.

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boston terrier dog looks out window of car

A Friend to Fido: Protecting Dogs in Hot Vehicles

Most dogs relish the opportunity to ride shotgun, savoring every moment with their heads out the window and their noses sniffing the breeze. But a fun car ride can become deadly when pets are left alone in hot cars.

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interior view of people driving a car

Most Car Accident-Prone Cities: Top 20 Ranking Revealed

The risk of a wreck exists every time you get behind the wheel, but driving in some cities is more dangerous than others. According to Insurify’s most recent findings, many of those cities are right here in South Carolina.

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santa looks suprised!

When Merry Turns Scary

The holiday season is a magical time of year, with festive décor and Christmas carols at every turn. But danger …

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a single male deer standing in nature

Deer Vs. Drivers

Unlike their red-nosed relatives that hail from the North Pole, the deer that call the Carolinas home keep their hooves firmly on the ground. But they’re much more dangerous to drivers, especially during this time of year.

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