hands shaking in consultation

First Impressions: What to Expect During Your Consultation

Think of your initial consultation as an introduction to our law firm – like a solid handshake and a friendly smile. Our clients often leave feeling more hopeful than when they arrived, informed and ready to tackle the next steps. We strive to make each potential client feel comfortable and cared for by offering the kind of attentive service you’d expect from your hometown lawyer.

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hands in handcuffs

Best Case Scenario: 6 Things That Impact Your Criminal Defense Case

Criminal charges are serious, with a potential conviction putting your future on the line. Due to the gravity of the …

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Uber Safety

Rideshare Gone Wrong: 6 Safety Tips

Rideshare services are now commonplace, offering Americans a convenient alternative to hard-to-hail cabs or public transit. A few taps of a mobile device are all it takes to request a ride – but it’s important to remember that services like Uber and Lyft are not without their risks.

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people shaking in mediation

What Is Mediation?

Despite the riveting courtroom scenes that are often featured in TV shows and movies, most cases never come before a judge or jury. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that often saves both parties time, money and resources. This method skips the long wait for a court date, and gets straight to addressing the issue at hand.

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kid smiling as he swims underwater

Summer Smarter

The scent of fresh cut grass and backyard barbecues. The delighted shrieks of kids playing in the sprinkler. The long days and balmy nights that define summer in the South. While we wouldn’t trade this sun-soaked season for anything, Berkeley County families must keep in mind that summer brings some risks. In fact, hospitals nationwide report a 15% to 27% increase in emergency room visits over the summer months.

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bar tap

Is the Bar to Blame?

Picture this: A man walks into a bar. No, this isn’t the start of a joke. In fact, there’s nothing funny about this story’s end. Fast forward a few hours. The patron, now stumbling and sloppy, leaves the bar, clutching his keys. He gets behind the wheel and attempts to drive home. In the best case scenario, blue lights are flashing before the driver exits the parking lot.

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highway double lane doubles

Seat Belt Savvy: Stats You Need to Know

Whether you’re fighting traffic or struggling to find a space at the grocery store, you’ve likely experienced some frustration behind the wheel. Most of us have complained about our city’s drivers at one time or another, and as it turns out, while they’re not the worst, South Carolina drivers are pretty close.

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lady plants in garden

Springtime Safety Tips

Springtime is finally upon us, sending Lowcountry locals outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather. It’s also a great time to do some spring cleaning, with the new season serving as motivation to finally tackle that to-do list.

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closeup of woman walking

Healing Farms Walk & Roll

Walk & West Law Firm is proud to support local organizations that are making a difference in our community. The opportunity to partner with Healing Farms was one we couldn’t pass up – and now you have the chance to get involved, too!

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Slip and Fall Caution sign

Slip and Fall Accidents

Even the most surefooted among us have taken a tumble or two, often resulting in nothing more than a scraped knee or twisted ankle. But slip and fall accidents can be very serious – especially when a property owner’s negligence is to blame.

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